Tipes_MC2100 TIPES MC 2100 Multifunction Clock – The new generation of the           electronic realtime identification system. More info

Tipes_High_Speed Antenne4 TIPES High Speed Trap         Speed has a new Name  –   The High Speed Trap from TIPES. More info
Tipes_club_unit TIPES Race Office V2.34 The basketing unit (Club Unit) is used for allocation and basketing. More info
MC603_ring TIPES MC603 E-Bands  NOW AVAILABLE IN – Red, Black or Green More info
Tipes_SMS_box NEW TIPES SMS-Box When a pigeon is clocked, the MC2100 sends  the        pigeon’s data to a given phone number. More info
Tipes_Band_Scan Electronic Timing System More info
Garmin_GPS_eTrex Garmin GPS eTrex H This GPS is required to obtain the satellite time at      basketing and clock off. More info
Tipes_Carrying_Case TIPES Carry Bag Protection for your MC2100 or  MC1100 Clock More info
Tipes_MC20_Portable_Printer TIPES MC20     Printer Tipes MC20 portable
More info
Tipes_Mobil NEW TIPES       Mobile         Track Race Data Live  –  Now Available More info
displayos TIPES MC2100 Display White Screen Display More info

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